Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's A Girl

Thirteen years ago - at the end of October 1997 - I got sick eating a hot dog for lunch. For some reason, I knew that wasn't just a normal sick feeling - and decided to take a pregnancy test. The following June, we were driving home from the hospital with our new baby...scared to death!  Little did we know how blessed we'd be with our firstborn daughter.

We were so excited to have a baby. I'd always prayed for a little girl - and for her to be as sweet as the McWhorter girls whom I'd babysat for so long. I can tell you without a doubt that God answered my prayers.

Gracey and her bffs Callie and Katie

Gracey has to be one of the sweetest and most empathetic children I have ever known. She's always had such a sensitive nature about her, but it's the way she cares for others that stands out to me. She is the first one to take care of someone who needs help - and she lifts her friends up when they are down without ever once worrying about herself. She always gives others the benefit of the doubt - even when they may "snub" her or treat her as though she doesn't matter. And I am proud to be the one she calls "Mommy."

I remember driving down the street one day and seeing a guy walking. He wasn't poorly dressed nor did he seem especially needy. But Gracey, all of 5 or 6 years old, said, "Oh Mommy, can we buy that man a car? He needs one because he's having to walk." We laughed about it at the time, but now my heart swells with pride that her first thought was of improving his life rather than judging him.

She gravitates to the underdog in situations, and she tries hard to make everyone feel welcome in her presence. She takes the regular blond jokes her friend throw her way and accepts them as all part of the game of friendship - never thinking to dish any jokes back.

She is stunningly pretty - and has no clue that those blue eyes and that long hair will someday stop boys in their tracks.

A moment of sweetness with her sister.
Don't get me wrong. She's got that "first child" attitude - and she can fight with her sister (or her parents) just like any other sassy pre-teen girl.  She's kind of been the "guinea pig" for our parenting abilities - so she always thinks Sadie has it easier because we have it figured out by the time Sadie gets to the same spot a few years later. And she certainly could improve on her room-cleaning ability. But overall - she's just a great person. And I am thankful every day for her.

I just can hardly believe that the young lady sitting beside me in the front seat of the car was just a glimmer of excitement 13 years ago. 

So today - I am thankful for Gracey. My firstborn daughter - whom God so graciously entrusted me to raise.


Kerry said...

Oh my goodness, I remember that day like it was yesterday. That precious little thing that God entrusted with. We must be doing something right though because she certainly is precious. I cant imagine a day goin by without her.
Great blog! Thank you for reminding us that some of the best things in our lives are right under our noses.

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