Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunnyside Up!

I hate feeling pasty. Every winter - usually about mid-January - I start to look REALLY pasty. Not just pale. Not just white. But elmer's gluish. And I hate it. I want to glow. I want to feel cute again. Instead....I just feel...pale and flabby. 

Something about the warm weather and sun shining down on me just makes me feel healthier. I know. I know. Sun = bad. Tan = Cancer. *sigh*  But I love how I look and feel when my skin is tan. I get the urge to exercise when the sun comes out in the spring. (I don't get too carried away. But I do get the urge.) The thought of getting to wear sandals again makes me smile. And I LOVE a good tan - real or not. When I'm not pasty, I think I'm a better person.

But right now...I'm in my January funk. It's cold and everything is brown except my legs! I can pretend it's getting warmer when we have a few nice days. I can go get a pedicure and have cute toes. I can even get a spray tan to help with the doldrums. And yet...I'll know the truth.  I'm still pasty....

Clearly, I need a beach. And a fruity drink. AND A TAN! 

Who wants to find a beach ASAP? Should we start a beach fund? Start a special fundraiser? "Say No to White Legs"? 

Something has got to change. 

Now where did I put my snuggie? It's freezing in here....


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