Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's A Mommy Thing

"A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking" ~ Helen Rice

This was a great Mother's Day for me. Kerry, Billy and the girls made sure I had everything my heart could desire. I didn't have to cook a single meal or lift a finger to do anything except get ready for church. Friends and family sent me text messages all day to tell me Happy Mother's Day. 

It was great. I felt very loved. And for that, I am incredibly thankful. It's good to be loved. 

"But the mother's yearning, that completest type of the life in another life which is the essence of real human love, feels the presence of the cherished child even in the debased, degraded man." ~ George Eliot

This was also a day that was heavy on my heart. No matter how happy I've felt about it being Mother's Day, I have grieved for a family in our church who lost their son on Friday. All I could do was think about how hard today had to be for the mother. And how no words, no actions - nothing of this earth can possibly make her feel better. And with the circumstances surrounding his death, I know she is second guessing every single moment she's had with him. That hurts me even more for her.

I am 100% positive that her love is just as strong for him today as it was the day he was born. Because she is his mother. Even if he'd lived and disappointed her over and over, she would have loved him. 

Isn't that notion always hard for us to believe? That anyone will love us no matter what happens? It's no wonder we have such a hard time understanding God's love for us when we can't even fathom our mother's love! 

With all of the mixed emotions of today, I will continue to do my part to make sure my children hear how much I love them, feel how much I love them and KNOW how much I love them.

I know there are no promises. And they may never fully grasp it. But I plan to keep working on it. Because it's all I can do.

And I'm going to try to equate that with God's love for me. Realize that he will love me no matter what I matter what road I travel. And no matter how distraught I may end up when tragedy strikes.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here I Am!

It's a good thing that blogging isn't my full time job, isn't it?  Gosh..I can't believe it's been so long since I sat down to write. Time flies...

I can always tell when it's been a while because I have a harder time gathering my thoughts to write something cohesive. I guess I've been spending too much time with my nose in a book lately.

So, it's May. The end of another school year. And almost the anniversary of Billy coming back from his deployment. That whole "time flies" thing is true! How did I become the mother of a 25 year old, a freshman in high school and a 6th grader?? I swear I just turned 30!!

To recap a few things that you might be wondering about:

*My Pinterest addiction has not subsided, and I have not taken any steps to squelch it. In fact, now I've started actually USING the ideas I've found there. (My girls are thrilled. Kerry is watching in the wings and most likely praying he doesn't get sucked into it.)

*I definitely think that my guinea pigs are going to live forever. Why is it that all our friends' pigs have met their demise, but mine (even the "wild" one) seem to have 9 lives? I swear they will outlive us all. And have I mentioned that I'm the guinea pig whisperer? They SQUEAL the minute they hear the pitter patter of my feet every morning. Ugh.

*I still like the girl Billy likes. I'm sure that's a relief to both of them. haha (What? You know you were thinking it....)

And now to throw out a few new things:

*I'm on the hunt for good books to read. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

*Nature is stronger than you'd expect sometimes when it comes to family. I see it more and more as my cousin Sarah and I get closer. We have so many similarities that it's eery sometimes! (And you were thinking how blessed the world is to only have one of me.)

*BCG is the FUNNIEST show on tv right now. The writers of that show have the best one liners! I'm not sure it's an accurage depiction of life in Texas, but it certainly emphasizes some of our thought processes at our less-than-fine moments. (For you non-Texans, bless your hearts, you have to know that we do love our guns, our God and our oldest friends.)  Of course, you could put Annie Potts in ANYTHING and I'd love it.

Well - that's wraps it up for today. Nothing thought provoking or awe inspiring. But at least you know my brain hasn't turned to complete mush yet.... not even after reading 50 Shades of Grey..... *wink wink*