Monday, September 24, 2012

Read Into This..

“A home without books is a body without soul.” ~ C.S. Lewis

We haven't talked about books lately. And, frankly, I am looking for suggestions. I love to read. I'm sure I've blogged about this before. But I REALLY love to read.

As you may or may not know, I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up just so I could spend a lot of time reading. (If you didn't know that, they you haven't read THIS!)

I could probably become a hermit if I had enough books to keep me busy for a very long time. While most see me as quite social, I really do love to be alone with my books.

To that end, I am on the hunt for some good books.  Now don't be telling me to read Water for Elephants or anything else that has been a best seller in the last 5 years... I've already read those super popular ones. (Yes... even "THOSE" books. I know what it means to get twitchy.) Give me something new or something that on your all time favorites list.

And......while you are thinking about all the great books to suggest, I'm going to offer you a few that I've read recently to tide me over till something GREAT comes along... :)

I got on a kick of reading free books from Amazon, and I stumbled on a couple series that are just fun, easy reads.

A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book 1 by Elizabeth Hunter was really good. There are 3 more books - and they are all cheap, good reads if you like vampires and mystery. I seriously couldn't put them down. They didn't make me think too hard but they kept me interested to see what would happen next!

In the Blood: A Genealogical Crime Mystery #1 by Steve Robinson- Again.. in the mystery vein...a couple page turning books that were cheap and easy to read. I really hope he keeps writing this series because I enjoyed the 2 I read. Of course, I love geneology, so these appealed to me on that level too. (Just one more feather in my dork hat, I know. Next thing you know I'll be going to play bingo every night carrying my lucky charms and very own dauber bag.)

Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery by M. Louisa Locke - Ok. These are super cute. They are set back in a more Victorian(ish) time and are just cute. And...once again... cheap/free.

While none of the above books are terribly intellectual, I think my bookworm buddies will get a kick out of them! 

Ok. Your turn.....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home Again. Home Again.

So Billy is HOME... finished serving our country and back in the Smith fold. It's been a week since we arrived after our grueling drive from North Carolina to Texas. So we are officially in our "new normal" with both feet.

I'll be honest...I was a bit nervous about this whole transition. Besides the normal excitement of having all my chicks back in the nest, I felt anxious.  Billy's been with us for a few weeks at a time, but he's never lived with us full time. He's never been here when we were just going about our business of living: homework, carpooling, sleepovers, grocery shopping, etc. Part of me was worried that we wouldn't be what he'd hoped. And part of me worried that I'd kill him.

You'll be happy to hear that it's all going smoothly as far as I can tell. (He may disagree. You'd have to get his "side" of the story to know for sure.) He found a place to put all of his stuff. He is working toward getting registered for spring classes, finding a job and seems to dealing with being stuck in a house with his old fogey parents quite nicely.

I haven't even felt an overwhelming desire to tell him what to do! (That in itself is amazing.)

The girls don't seem to feel a change at all. The leftovers are getting eaten rather than thrown away. And anytime I need a vanilla diet coke while I'm slaving away at my office.... TA DA.... I get one! (I know. I know. Kerry always brings them to me too. But now I have TWO people doing it.)

It's just..... normal. No surprises. No strangeness. No frustration. (Ok....maybe there was a tiny bump in the road...but I still maintain NO ONE should be coming in at 3:30 am on Wednesday morning and being loud about it.)

It's a family together. Just the way it should be. A completely ordinary family happily existing under one room (most of the time) as though it was never any other way.

Don't you love how God does that?