Monday, December 10, 2012

Crank it up!

"Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around. " ~ Bill Watterson

You know it is time for Christmas Break when Sadie wakes in a bad mood. She is the perfect example of the morning person. It's so out of character for her.

She wakes with a yawn, climbs out of bed slowly, makes her way around the family to offer good morning hugs.....then jumps into high gear. Chatting about anything and everything on her mind and sharing as many funny jokes as possible, she wears Gracey and I (the anti-morning girls) to a frazzle.

I thought that was the worst that could happen.

Until she woke up cranky one morning.

Grouchy Sadie is one hundred times worse than perky Sadie. Nothing is right - and she can't find her nose despite the fact it resides on her face. She complains as loudly as she offers funny stories. She cries and gets angry.

Of course then we all end up crankier than we were at the start. But by then it has spread even further and Kerry has reached the cranky threshold too. It's lovely.  And I know you are sitting there thinking that you wish you could be around for these great mornings.

I try to remind myself that someday I'll miss it. I'll miss the racing around to get ready. The arguments about finding shoes and shirts and backpacks.  That the silence will be deafening.

Whatever. That's a load of crap.

I won't miss cranky mornings.

By the way, I plan to sleep late every day of the Christmas break. So do the girls.

And sweet Kerry can drink his coffee in peace.


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