Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yes, I Noticed. Thank you.

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart." ~ French Proverb

Today I am thankful for the little things. Because goodness knows it is super easy to get caught up in life and forget to appreciate them. Since Thanksgiving is coming up soon, I am coming here to encourage you to do the same by sharing a few of my little things. I'll try to categorize them so they make sense. When starting these lists, it gets kind of convoluted!


  • "Just checking in"  The little group texts or emails that come across expressing excitement, sadness, need or even just planning something make me smile. It is a precious, precious thing to know you have people in your corner.
  • "I miss y'all." What sweet words between friends.
  • "If I beat you there, I'll order for you." - Does this even need an explanation? 
  • "You've been on my mind lately."
  • "I KNEW you'd understand!"

My Children

  • "Don't talk about it. I don't want to think about it." I'm already starting to feel the stress of Gracey being a senior in high school next year. She is too. Our little conversations about her future, always end with those words. Her fear and hesitation reminds me that she DOES love us and appreciate us - even though her eyerolls might tell a different story. 
  • Sadie says "I love you" every time she leaves me. Whether it's after grabbing her lunch and running to the cafeteria or heading out with friends for a sleepover, she makes sure to say it.  
  • "I will never forget your number. I knew it before I had a cell phone." - This was part of a conversation with Billy last night when he told me that his phone broke and he lost everything in it. I asked if he had our numbers memorized to add into his new phone. Again, a little comment that made me teary. As the child of my heart, Billy memorizing my phone number before he was an "official" Smith all those years ago is a big deal!
  • "Thank you, Mommy." I could buy the girls a pack of gum or bottle of water at the store or a brand new iPad and response is always the same. 
My Husband
  • "Hey, I'm going to be on that side of town. Do you need anything?"
  • "I grabbed creamer for you today when I was at the store."
  • "She's my wife. Not just your mother. Don't speak to my wife that way." - When one of the kids gets sassy toward me, Kerry is quick to remind them that he expected them to treat me with respect. 
  • "I love you!" So nice to get a text or message randomly letting me know that he thought of me.
I encourage you to look around this week. What little things make your heart smile? 


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