Monday, August 9, 2010

The things we do....

Do you ever stop and think about all the things we do for our children? (Those of you who don't have them can insert any VIP name into this.)

I've been pondering that the last two days as I've helped Gracey try to catch this runaway guinea pig that has been living in the bushes across the street from us for a couple months.

(Let me clarify: it's not OUR runaway guinea pig. It's just A runaway one. I have vowed never to purchase or own an indoor rodent. My need for animals has been fulfilled by the three dogs and two cats we currently house.)

I've known it was there, but Gracey just discovered it yesterday. She came running in the house all excited because she'd coerced it to come about 3 feet from the carrot she was holding in her hand. And, of course, she had me hooked. I've been helping problem solve ever since. We beat the bushes with a broom - and a mop. (Yes, a mop. Imagine that for a moment.....) We chased it into some ivy where it quickly pulled a guinea pig u-turn and headed back under the bushes. *sigh*  Today we picked up a squirrel trap from the humane society and are bribing the little sucker with an entire salad's worth of veggies. But really this is just one of many things we've done for our kids. Perhaps one of the silliest - but definitely worth mentioning.

In May we drove all night long to meet Billy in Memphis for a spur-of-the-moment vacation. He couldn't get home. We were ready to see him again and didn't want to wait till the next scheduled trip. So we hopped in the car and made Smith Family history. It'll be one of those stories to tell our grandchildren, I'm sure.

Next month I'll fly to North Carolina and ride/drive back with that same crazy kid before he has to deploy. Twenty-five hours in the car...and I'm trusting that what doesn't kill me will make me stronger. Yet there's nowhere I'd rather be. I can't wait to see what adventures happen along the way. And I am most willing to do it because it's for my child whom I love.

Sadie is queen of talking us into things. Well....especially her daddy. What other kid spends half the national deficit at the Dollar General? She has learned the art of talking Kerry into letting her shop there every day after school. (We could use a subsidy for more flowers!) And often she comes back with something that requires him to get out the hot glue. She also talked him into getting a pedicure with her. I was having something at the house, and she decided it would be more fun to be at the nail salon than at home. So she convinced her daddy to get his toes "done" too.  If only I had a picture of that!

And we come by it honestly. Our parents did crazy stuff for us too. Kerry's dad tied a string around a locust so they could let it fly around but not lose it. His mom made costumes for the school play - thanks to Kerry volunteering her without asking first.

My mother let us have a pet cow in our backyard - in the city limits - for close to a year. She never said no to a single stray animal I brought home - and tolerated multiple litters of puppies. Not only has she been spontaneous for me, but she's carrying it on with my girls. They've nursed baby kittens, tried to keep baby birds alive and  turned her house into a baby-doll heaven.

My daddy has never backed down from riding a roller coaster with me - and has planned innumerable family vacations around some theme park we were dying to visit. And, of course, the list goes on and on. (Just this summer I was dragging him to pick blueberries with us.)

What have you done for your kids lately? Any funny stories immediately come to mind? It seems like we all have some. And isn't that what parenting is all about?

Forget going above and beyond in all the obvious ways. Anyone can work harder to make their kids' lives better, safer, or more stable. Right??  It's the unusual activities that stand out. That show real character. The  things that get everyone giggling and having fun. THOSE are moments we'll always talk about around the Thanksgiving table - or during Christmas get togethers.  And they are my FAVORITE!

Now if you'll hand me that mop......I've got a guinea pig to catch.

UPDATE! UPDATE! We caught the guinea pig!!! :) We are now thinking of a name and have purchased supplies. (Now who's the sucker?!)


Randi Bruckner said...

Showed Blake the pics of the new pet! Too cute!

♥ Sarah ♥ said...

I love Guinea pigs! My friend has two named Ginger and Posh...they are her "Spice" piggies!

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