Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What the.........??

This was a request. So don't hold it against me or think badly of me when you read this one. Because it's allllll about peeves.  And I'd say I'm pretty easy to peeve.  (Kerry says this could be book. I'll refrain from adding his smart mouth as a peeve.) Haha!  Here's my top 10 pet peeves - in no certain order AFTER #1.

1.  ALL TIME TOP PEEVE:  Chip crunching  
Yes, I know that chips were made to crunch. And that no one can eat one without crunching it. But it bugs the FOOL out of me.  Poor Kerry has endured my glares for years. Give him a tortilla chip - and sit back and watch me try to hold it together. It's just painful. *chomp chomp chomp*  I don't even like to hear myself.

2.  Chomping Ice
This is almost as bad as chips, but a bit more tolerable. I can at least keep a smile on my face. And frankly, we have my grandmother to blame. She chomped ice LOUDLY with her dentures all the time. I miss her and would endure hearing that crunch again in a heartbeat. But's painful to hear.

3. Cold Offices
Why is it that the hot-natured people get to control the thermastats?? I know I can put more clothing on to warm up, but why should I have to wear a parka and gloves in the summer months? Come on people!! Give a little!

4. Unanswered cell phones - but texts answered immediately.
Really??? You can type out a text to me a nanosecond after I send it. But you can't ANSWER A CALL??? Grr.

5. Slow left lane drivers
Why? Why? Why is it necessary to drive in the passing lane at a tortoise pace? What part of "slower traffic keep right" do you not yet?

6. People who scream at their children - ESPECIALLY in a store
We've all been guilty of raising our voices at some point. But screaming? Really?? And why is it that Walmart or Target seem to be the favorite places for these screamers to congregate? It really takes every controlling bone in my body to keep from marching over and taking those children away. I don't care HOW bad the kids act, they deserve to be treated respectfully too. (And I'm sure taking them straight to the car and taking them home for a nap or snack would work a lot better than your trashy screaming. Just saying.)

7. "Aren't you lucky to know me" People
No. I'm not lucky to know you. It's just a burden I must bear. So "you go girl and take those tacky shoes with you!"

8. Smacking.
Again with the food. Have you NO manners at all? Chew with your mouth CLOSED!! It is unnecessary to show us all your food while you are chewing.

9. "Off of"
You get off the boat. Not off OF the boat. Only one preposition is necessary. Really.

10. "Excuse Me"
If you step right in front of me in the store, or cut me off in an aisle, just say excuse me. It's just 2 words. A little courtesy goes a LONG way!

Ok. Give me some of your peeves! ;)


kmstx said...

That was good. Almost as good as the chips and queso I ate while reading it.

♥ Sarah ♥ said...

OMG..Chewing is my top peeve. If I hear you chew..chips, ice, carrots...I literally feel myself getting madder and madder!! I make Cody turn on music or something so I can't hear it...

People who do something stupid while driving and I see they are on their cell phone..or texting. (It heightens my road raging)

Know it alls...Thank you Mr. Britanica but I've done my own research and you're not right...

Game Nazis...if we are playing a game and someone breaks a rule but the game is still fun...let it go!

Someone driving in the exit only lane until the last minute then cutting everyone off..(like that extra 3 feet is going to get them there that much faster) It makes me want to put them into the wall nascar style.

We are too much alike...

Charee said...

Yay for COUSINS!!!! Sarah - I'm with you on all of those things! And guess who is the worst Game Nazi ever?? ALBERT - Jessy's hubby! hahahaha!

Dawn said...

Okay, I can agree with most besides the cold office one. LOL! I'm a hot-blooded person and get down-right cranky when I'm hot and sweaty. I especially can't "work" when it's too hot. People can cover up more than people can take off. LOL!

You didn't list my #1 pet peeve. It's people who spit their gum out on the ground only for others to step on it! Argh!

Another one I have is people who don't put their shopping cart into the corrall after they've finished with it. It really doesn't take that long to put it away. I've been known to get out of my car in front of the "offender" and put their cart away - just so they can see how it's done. I puff up my chest and get back into my car proudly. Hahhahaha!!!

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