Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Happy Day...

A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.
~ William Penn

I haven't written about Jason lately - and he'd probably be thankful if I never wrote about him again. BUT I'm an open book, and that makes him a default player in this game of my life via blog. ;) I mean, he's been one of my besties for 25 years! That should give me some level of authority, right? it goes:

Jason circa 1988....hahaha!
 Yesterday I had breakfast with my "go to" guy friend.

Jase and I have weathered a lot of life in these 25 years. He's listened to me cry about boys, and I've sat with him while he "got over" girls. He's lectured me about taking myself too seriously, and I've lectured him about not staying in touch with people who love him. He's driven me thousands of miles in all of his different vehicles over the years. (Brownie will always hold a special place in my heart.) And I've read thousands of words in novels we studied for classes, just to turn around and summarize those words for Jason to use in his assignment. (Sorry, Mrs. Billingsley.) We have a mutual trust in each other that could never be broken.

So, anyway, yesterday was the first time I've seen him since his diagnosis of colon cancer. And, since he's always been the "go to" one, this whole cancer thing has been hard for me to wrap my arms around. I wasn't sure how I was going to react when I saw him. We've been through a lot - but never anything of this magnitude.

The news has been really good. He's been through a few chemotherapy treatments - and his CEA levels are dropping drastically. He is working every day and feeling really good. When he returns to MD Anderson in November, he'll see how much the tumors have shrunk and maybe talk about surgery. He's handling this whole thing with grace under pressure that I only hope I'd have in a similar situation. He's been amazing.

But....I hadn't seen him or hugged him yet. It's all been over the phone, texts, emails, etc.  And let's face it:  I'm a crybaby. I was so excited to spend some time with him - but so concerned about how I'd hold it together when I got there. So as I walked into Bagel Place, I was a bit apprehensive. was just normal.

No tears. No stress. Just me and Jase having another one of the countless meals we've eaten together. (Bagel Place is at least a step up from McDonalds during high school lunch hours.) Him teasing me about everything he can possibly think of, and me giving him updates on all our other friends. Looking through the pictures on my facebook, discussing my kids and his business.

We have such a natural comraderie that we slip right back into it like a favorite pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. "I love you" comes so easily and naturally - right along with all the laughter and silliness. I could have sat there for hours. But - we are grownups now. We can't sneak off to a movie or ditch class to take a nap. We had to go back to work. So we said our goodbyes - and promised to get together again soon.

How incredibly thankful I am that Jason is in my life. And with my plans to terrorize him in the nursing home someday, I am counting on all the prayers for healing to keep working.


SHS said...

Thanks Charee and Jason! Testimony to a deeply and wonderfully true friendship. Best blog yet, Charee Godwin-Smith, although each of your splurges has (not surprisingly) been top notch. There is just nothing like a friend.

Charee said...

Why thank you Steven Sims. :) And I'm glad to count you as one of my friends.

Brienna said...

Happy for the positive update and glad you got to see your bestie. We'll continue the prayers!

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