Friday, September 10, 2010

What I learned THIS week...

I think I'll make this a Friday tradition. :)

1. Randi gets nervous when she rides with me because I drive fast. haha! Does this mean I should drive even FASTER when she's in the car just to make sure she's on her toes? Hmm....

2. Our Wednesday night group is good for my soul. I was so excited to see every single one of them - and missed the ones who were unable to be there. There's just something about coming together and reconnecting after the summer that feels right!

3. Gracey is growing up. We didn't have to pester her once this week about homework. I can't believe it! She's doing so well this year - and has matured so much! I can't believe she's already in 7th grade.

4. Sadie and her quick wit is going to make our lives more interesting the older she gets. She has such quick comebacks! And since she's so much like her mother (cough, cough), she often pops off without thinking of the consequences for those words.

5. I learned that sometimes the idea of how a situation is going to transpire is VERY far from the way it really happens. I made a simple phone call last week to try to get some childhood pictures of Billy, and now I'm stuck in this crazy situation that reminds me how he came to be mine AND makes me wish even more that I'd just given birth to him to start with! (And he is just laughing at me because it was MY brilliant idea to call.)

6. September is the crappiest month for flower shops. I forget how miserable it is...till it happens. LOL Good thing Christmas isn't too far away!

7. Nothing can compete with a monthly get together with childhood friends. Tomorrow is our pedicure day - and I can hardly wait to catch up with the girls. It's funny how 22 years falls away when we all sit down and start talking. I'm so thankful we've all reconnected as adults.

8. Thinking up stuff for care packages to Billy is hard - and you people didn't give me ONE SINGLE IDEA. I know you are reading this, so you have no excuse! *grumble grumble*

9. I may have a little buyer ( and catcher) remorse over the guinea pigs. I don't WANT to have to fix them a salad to eat every day. Nor do I want to clean their boxes. Clearly the girls are going to have to step up and take care of them because as much as I think they are cute pets, I didn't need more mouths to feed.

10. I need some book ideas! I'm reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest - but once that's done...I'm going to need something else! Help! :) 

Happy Friday!


♥ Sarah ♥ said...

I can't give you ideas about your care packages cuz I'm getting one yah!

As for books, Mere Christianity was a good one but one of those that you read a page and are like WHAT?? then re-read 2 more times and go OKAY i get it...

Frenemies is hilarious...

Kel said...

1. Guinea Pigs...bwahahahaha...sucka! Maybe I should pay you to make me a salad on the side so I can shed a few pounds.
2. Hunger Game series...LOVE them! On the last book and can't wait to finish!

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