Friday, October 1, 2010

Things I've Learned This Week....

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”
~ Sarah Caldwell

This should probably say, "things I've learned that last 2 weeks"...but anyway...

  1. I'm happier when I'm busy. I hate it when there are lulls in my life. Well-organized projects make me a better person. This has been such a crazy busy week at work, and I've been in the best mood!

  2.  If I'm having an "off day", one of the best things I can do is get in my kitchen and cook. Somehow that makes everything better - and it's one of my very favorite things to do with my girls. It can be chocolate-chip cookies or some complicated recipe we've never tried before. Either way - it's therapeutic.

  3. People who insist on yelling into the phone or into the microphone at a drive through drive me crazy. What IS that?  (This isn't a new thing. I already knew it. But I remembered it just now. LOL) Just because the person isn't standing right there, you DO NOT have to yell.

  4. Pep Squad and Cheerleader sponsors should get medals of honor for dealing with temperamental girls. (That should be self explanatory.)

  5. I'm often a better Indian than Chief. I like to be part of leadership, but not the one completely in charge of the whole thing. Or maybe I just like to give my opinion a lot. haha!  While Randi and I have had so much fun working on our projects together, we both have decided it's much more fun to take an active role in things as opposed to leading them. Good thing Christmas Roundup is coming to a close soon! There are some things I enjoy leading - but as a whole, I'd rather be the vice president...haha...

  6. I'd prefer if anyone reading my blog would send me a message when I misuse or misspell a word. Just tell me.....sometimes I type and don't catch my mistakes!

  7. The standards I have set for my children are very high. And I'm pretty obnoxious about them. To make it worse.........I'm perfectly ok with that. I've got to find a softer approach though. My sarcasm is going to get me in trouble. I can already tell... Woe be to the boys and girls they date because those standards are probably higher than some of the others on the list.

  8. Every day we are surrounded by heroes. They may not wear capes and leap tall buildings, but they are amazing nonetheless. Jason is battling cancer - and has been amazing in the process. My friend Noel lost her battle with it, and still left an amazing legacy behind because of her positive attitude and fabulous family. The guys and girls floating around on the USS Kearsarge are serving their country and making a difference for other countries. The kids at Ascension Academy are thinking globally and looking for ways to help by forming a School 2 School group.  I'm so proud to know these heroes!

  9. Guinea pigs are really cuter than you'd think. We've all fallen in love with them.

  10. My cousin Sarah and I are more alike than I realize. I love talking to her because she says what I'm thinking and vice versa. In fact, most of the Godwin Girls have very similar personalities. Maybe someday she and Cody will live close enough for us to spend time together on a regular basis. (Cody and Kerry need each other.)
Ok. There you have it! Questions, comments and concerns are welcome! (And don't forget to proof this for me!)


Kerry said...
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♥ Sarah ♥ said...

Kerry let's be honest...God has granted you a bit of heaven on Earth (i.e. Charee and myself) so let's not get too greedy!

Charee it is soo true! I love talk to you too and reading your blog! I get excited when I see a new post from you ;)

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