Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So they say it's his birthday...

Tomorrow is Kerry's birthday. And it should probably be a national holiday because he is, in fact, the nicest human being on earth who is married to one of the not-nicest human beings on earth.  He should probably get some kind of award for surviving another year of life with me.....or at the very least have a street named have him.

You might be laughing if you don't know him.  Or me.

If you know us both - you are probably laughing too.

Let me give you an example of an average day in our house:

Alarm goes off, and I arise from my beauty slumber - only to head to the bathroom to get ready for the day. In the meantime, Kerry waits about 15 minutes before hopping out of bed, MAKING the bed, and heading to the kitchen where he often fixes my coffee. (Yes, he delivers it to me in the bathroom.)

After getting the girls moving - and feeding them breakfast - he takes Sadie to school. I, on the other hand, hop in my car (previously filled with gas by that same coffee delivery boy) and take Gracey to school.

Kerry then goes to work and busts his behind 10-12 hours a day all the while making sure I know how much I am loved and cared for in a variety of manners. Sometimes I get to work to find a card he's mailed to me. Other times he shows up at my office with the coffee, keys, etc. I left at home by accident.

Before he comes home in the afternoon, he calls to see what he needs to stop at the store to pick up - then he gladly comes to home to either help cook, cook or clean up after cooking dinner...whichever may apply that given day.  (And did I mention he plays referee between the kids too?)

You get the point. I am spoiled rotten.

ANYWAY - tomorrow is this great guy's birthday. The guy who picked me - and loves me like no one else on earth will ever love me.  And for that I am well as for a million other reasons.

Tomorrow I will do my best to make his day wonderful. I will try to spoil him and let him know how much I love him. (Too bad we are taking a road trip..... I think that means I may have to drive......Oh the SACRIFICE! lol)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERRY!!!  I love you!!!!


Pete D. said...

Happy Birthday Kerry! Thanks for making all of us guys look bad! Ok, at least thanks for taking good care of Charee and sharing her with all her 3.5 million friends!!

Kerry said...

And you're worth more than every minute of the day. Thank you! I love you, too!!!!

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