Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Pressure of It ALL....

Can we talk about Christmas cards for a minute? And the fact that I HATE going to the post office? (Anyone who has waited on me to mail them something already knows that.)

BC (before children), I was really good about mailing Christmas cards.

Of course, that was back when you went to Hallmark, bought some cheesy cards in a box, signed them and mailed them. None of this fancy stuff with pictures, etc. Just your basic"Hey friend - Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, blah blah blah.." Those who had kids would send a letter. Those of us who didn't stuck with a simple card.

Now it's this huge responsibility! Get the right pictures, pick the right background...make sure the card expresses the right sentiment. GOOD GOSH!!!! It's just too much for me this year.

We moved the shop. I had a root canal. My rooster, Betty Cocker, is my new focus. I have a blog...I have a Twitter... AND I HAVE PINTEREST TO PERUSE!  Christmas cards just may not happen this year.

Now might be a good time to mention that one time I found my unmailed Christmas cards from 2 years prior in a bag I'd tossed into a closet. I guess just flat forgot to mail them. *sigh* They had just been pushed aside for whatever reason.  But that didn't deter me. No sirree....I sent them out at Valentine's Day anyway. (I hated to waste all that effort even if it was 2 years old.)

And I'll admit. I DID take the time to write a Christmas letter. I had great intentions. And we DO have great family pictures.  I could absolutely do a card. But I think I'll be going green this year. I'll just say Merry Christmas to you here.  And you can read my Christmas letter here too. (See how I did that? My laziness suddenly became an act of pure responsibility to the environment. It's just how I roll...)

Here ya go. I used one of my fancy Pinterest-found fonts. Don't judge.

December 2011

Greetings! I hope this letter finds you and yours having the happiest of Holiday Seasons, The Smith Household is great!

Billys deployment ended up being a little more involved than any of us expected. He was sent to Afghanistan, and We found ourselves on our knees praying it would just end sooner than later., May was a great month as we celebrated his homecoming and his one year adoption “birthday”! Since then he has been racking up awards and running 5ks to pass the time. 
He brought back some awesome souvenirs for all of us - the most unique of which was a blue Mickey Mouse for his mommy. (Which apparently made quite an impression in him in Italy as did a few other things we won't talk about.)

#1 Billy question: When will he be finished with active duty?             
Our answer: November 17, 2012 but we hope he gets released early to attend WTAMU in the Fall of 2012!

Gracey entered the “teen years” in June and promptly became a teenager in every sense of the word. Eighth grade has been much tougher academically, and she has found texting, eyerolling, and loud sighing really cuts into  her homework time! She’s still on the swim team and pep squad plus she added volleyball to her repertoire this year. Cute as can be even with her eyes rolled into the back of her head we can’t imagine what we’d do without our lil’ blond!

#1 Gracey Question: Does she have a boyfriend?
Our answer: Not currently and if her father and brother had their way, she never would.

Sadie can be summed up in one word: CHATTY! That girl is destined to be a great storyteller. She writes as well as she talks and loves coming home with new vocabulary words. I have NO idea where she gets that trait.cough cough  She is a master negotiator and has decided to spend half her time at Mums’ house with her cousin Justis. Sometimes we feel as though we only have partial custody of her but she keeps us in the loop by regaling us with stories of all the adventures in the metropolis of Dawn, Texas. Fifth grade has been fun, but she’s dying to get to Ascension Academy!

#1 Sadie Question: Does she ever stop talking?
Our answer: No.

Kerry and Charee

Kerry moved the flower shop to a new location. After 6 years in his original spot, the rent just became outrageous. So, along with all those early business memories, he boxed everything up and is starting over in a new spot Keep us in your prayers as we make this big transition.  
As for other “Kerry” stuff, he and Billy now are proud owners of mountain bicycles,. He’s been riding out at Palo Duro Canyon whenever he gets the chance. He’s had very few “home improvement projects this year, so I’ll be making a list of things for him to do is 2012 to make up for that! Haha!

As for me, I regularly remind myself that the day will come when I’ll wish I had giggling teenagers dancing around in my car as I carpool them to or from the 14th event of the day.. I’m thinking of buying an RV. Then I'll be hiring a driver so that we moms can have cocktails, take a nap and cook dinner as we transport our kids from one activity to another.

We started taking ballroom dancing lessons and have really enjoyed them. On the positive side: I think we might actually look like we know how to dance sometimes. On the negative side: We can’t seem to dance in front of others without bickering. Guess we’ll never make it to the professional circuit.

Our year of fame over the adoption has hopefully come to a close - and I can be my normal sarcastic self everywhere I go. (It's hard being the sweet little adoptive mother all the time. Let's face it...I'm not that cute. haha)

 That’s about it for us. We are, as always, incredibly thankful for all our blessings and for you. Merry Christmas. May the light of Christ shine in each of you.


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