Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok. I have a serious addiction. (Hi. My name is Charee....I am a Pinterest Addict.)

WHY oh WHY did someone have to tell me about Pinterest?  Seriously. WHY?

I'm a busy girl. I have a full life.

I have too much to do.

And now.............I have PINTEREST TOO. I can't even help myself. I go check it 20 times a day. I find myself wondering what others have pinned. *Are there any great ideas there today?*  *Did someone pin a great recipe I might miss?*  *I wonder if there's a good gift idea for my friends.*

Ugh. Stupid Pinterest. It's way worse than Facebook. I think....

Don't know what it is? Well, I hate to enlighten you because I feel like a drug dealer even suggesting you check it out.

And yet....I have to admit that I have had GREAT luck with a lot of the ideas I've found there. My family is loving the recipe side. Every recipe I've tried has turned out perfect.

The DIY stuff has given me a ton of ideas that I can't wait to have Kerry try for me. Ha! He's going to make me all kinds of cool stuff!!

The wedding flowers ideas are better than all the magazines and books we bought to keep at the shop. I know brides will come in with great insight into what they want if they use Pinterest.

Oh!! And they have all these great ideas for putting clothes, shoes, accessories together too. Super cute stuff. Gives me all kinds of ideas for all the clothes I need to buy.

Then there's the greatest idea EVER. The one that changed my life (and Randi's..she told me)... If you need to shred your cooked chicken breasts, just throw them in your KitchenAid mixer with the paddle beater and turn it on about 4 or 5.  Literally shreds the chicken in under a minute.

Ugh...see what I mean?  I'm an addict.  Even as I sit here, I'm worried that I'm missing some great quote or insight.

Excuse me....I'll be right back.


Courtney said...

ditto, ditto, ditto. And I *DISLIKE* it when the iphone app tells me 'No Pins'. SERIOUSLY? JUST FIND THEM, and FIND THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Sjolund said...

I know, I almost de-friended my friend that suggested Pinterest to me knowing that I would be addicted!!

Thanks to them I now have MORE craft ideas that I won't have time to make!

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