Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Wrap Up

Things I learned this week:

*Need a 'pick me up'? Call and talk to a friend you haven't connected with in a few months. The laughter and sharing will do wonders for your attitude. Jason and I played catch up yesterday, and it was so much fun. It is so fun to talk to someone who doesn't need any background. A simple question like "how is your family" can be answered so easily because of your history. Best quote of the conversation: "Well that's perfect because that's all you want too: for everyone to make you happy."  *sigh* He knows me too well.....

*I should never go this long without going to get my hair done. Or getting a pedicure. I won't grace you with pictures of my hair OR my feet. Just trust me. It's not good.

*Laughter really is the best medicine. My Marine Moms crack me up daily. And for them, I am so thankful. I already feel sorry for anyone at Bob's wedding, because when we all saunter into that reception out. Commeradery found in groups of people with a like mind can be such a great thing. Everyone needs that kind of therapy! ;)

*Politics makes people crazy. I am a staunch believer in not letting politics get in the way of friendships. And I hate talking about them. For those who love to get enraged by my lack of sparring, I'm sorry. I DO care about politics. I just don't care to spend all my time arguing about them. It takes too much energy.

Discussions I can do. Arguments I cannot. Good thing I wasn't on the debate team in school. I would have had bleeding ulcers.

*Dependable people are rock stars.  Let me just say that there is something extremely attractive and heartwarming about people who you can depend on when you need them. THANK YOU to those of you who return phone calls, are there when someone needs you, are willing to help at a moment's notice and don't hesitate to put others first.

I strive to be one of those people and to raise my children to be those people. I don't always succeed, but I would never purposely ignore a need. I don't expect more of others than I expect of myself.

(I feel a Real Men of Genius commercial coming on.  "Here's to you, Mr. Undependable... Nothing says I'm too important like ignoring your phone call so I can download a new iphone app.")

*Gracey is officially a babysitter. I CANNOT BELIEVE Gracey is old enough to babysit. And she doesn't even call me for help! How and when did that happen? (Does this make me old?)

Ok. I'll stop there. I'm sure I learned a lot more than that...but in an effort to blog more often, I have to save some material for future posts....

I'll leave you with this....because even mentioning "Real Men of Genius" sends me into a fit of giggles...

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love it! By the way, she's a GREAT babysitter!!! Misty

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