Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm All Shook Up

“Don't criticize what you don't understand, son. 
You never walked in that man's shoes.” 
~ Elvis Presley

Do you remember loving a certain star or singer when you were a kid? I don't mean a crush. I just mean one of those people that you thought had to be AMAZING in person that you just idolized?

There were a few I loved along the way. Olivia Newton John - even before Grease. Dolly Parton. But my favorite was Elvis.

When I was a little girl, I LOVED Elvis. I listened to our Elvis albums over and over. I could sing all his songs and did with all the passion I could possible muster. "Are You Lonesome Tonight" brought a tear to my grade school eye. "Jailhouse Rock" made me want to dance all over the room

"Love Me Tender" made me want to fall in kindergarten. And "Can't Help Falling in Love".... *sigh*  See? You are singing them in your head now, aren't you?

I just thought he was amazing. I wanted to be Lisa Marie just so I could hear him sing ALL the time!

So you can imagine how sad I was when he died. It was devastating....

I mourned his death for three days.
I swear my mother didn't tell me on purpose. (Not really.....)
I heard it on the radio.
In the car.
On the way to school.

It was the end of a dream I had to go see him in concert. I was only 7 when he died. And I had no concept of his decline. We had the record of him when he was young and virile. And we had the record of him when he was overweight and weird. But he was amazing to me no matter what. *sigh*

Actually, I still love him... That crooning voice takes me back. "Don't Be Cruel" still makes me want to dance.  And I STILL love all that hair!!! And that sultry smile... (Ok..maybe I'm a little more infatuated with his good looks than I was at 7....)

When we went to Memphis,  I didn't drag my entire family to Graceland because I knew I'd see the cheesiness and I'd be disappointed. Well...that and I thought the entrance fee to get cheesed up was ridiculous. haha I still find myself fascinated with stories about him though.  And him singing Blue Christmas is one of my favorite holiday songs.

Alive or dead, I still love him. Weird or "normal", I still think he's awesome.

Happy Birthday, Elvis. I hope you will invite me to one of your concerts in Heaven! ;)

Thanks for the memories!


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