Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey, Honey! I Have an Idea!

I'm not sure what it is that makes us jump up and start a home improvement project in our house. But whatever bites us in the butt and gets it started is very potent! One thing leads to another, and we just can't stop ourselves!

I have wanted to repaint our dining room for a while now. It's been lavender for 10 years, and I was ready for a change. So I talked Kerry into painting it a deep eggplant color. The results are stunning! I'm so happy with it!



Another After!

That led to finally getting the flower beds in order again...a project Kerry and the girls took on one afternoon....which THEN led to tearing up our kitchen tile!

Soon I will have a beautifully painted kitchen floor to go with my soon-to-be built kitchen island.

See? It just doesn't stop!

Yesterday while standing in the middle of the debris - or was it while standing at my fridge now sitting in my dining room? Anyway....I told Kerry that I can't wait to see what our kids will do when they grow up. I wonder if they will run far away from home improvement projects - or if they will find the oldest houses they can find to fix up the way they want them. 

I can just hear it now, "Oh my dad did stuff like this all the time. I bet we can do it, Honey."

Or "Daddy, can you come over? We want to redo the bathroom and need your help."

It will probably be: "No! Our house always had something going on. I will NOT live in a house that is always being changed. Let's just have one built the way we want it!"

Who knows?!

In the meantime, we are still plugging along. Wonder what we'll do work on next? ;)


Unknown said...

I love the purple! It's definitely a WOW room!!! Between you and Pam, I think I need multiple rooms to pain! I want like four kitchens to decorate differently! Six living rooms! LOL Love your new room!!!

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