Thursday, August 2, 2012

ME too!!!

"In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future." ~ Alex Haley

Meet my cousin, Sarah and her husband Cody. 

She came into this world almost 15 years after I did, and we haven't ever lived in the same city our entire lives.  In fact, we rarely spent time together growing up. It seems like weddings, funerals and the like were the only time we were ever in each other's presence - but she was just a little kid, so we don't really even have any great stories from those events. 

Her father and my father are brothers - and they definitely share some similarities that I'll just call "The Godwin Charm." Let's be real...all Godwins have it. We are nothing if not charming. 

Anyway...the point is that Sarah and I grew up apart.

HOWEVER - if you know me, you know Sarah. We are that much alike. Weird, right? It's bizarre to us too. In fact, we regularly comment during gmail chats that we are creepy. 

I guess it was around 2006 when Sarah was getting married and Kerry did her wedding flowers that we all discovered our similarities. Something would come out of Sarah's mouth giving Kerry pause. He would say "you sound just like Charee." Then he'd come home and tell me that Sarah reminded him of me every time she opened her mouth.  Of course it just made me laugh - until I experienced it myself.

We defy any notion of the "nurture" side of nurture vs. nature. Scientists could probably study us and see how strong genetics can often come into play. And oddly, we married men who are also quite similar. Of course, I attribute that to our bossy natures. We had to marry VERY calm, understanding men to accommodate our loud proud personalities. But that's just me....I could be wrong. (And unicorns exist too... whatever.)

If I suggest a book to her, she loves it. If she tells me about a song, I know it's a keeper. When I make a snarky comment about something, she can chime in and say what I'm thinking. We've never had a fight or even a serious argument or anything because we are like an extension each other is some weird way... I can't explain it. 

A topic arises, we discuss it and echo each other's thoughts. And we usually end up saying things like this:

Sarah: I really love you. We need to be around one another more! I always crack up with you and I also get a little worried about how much we are alike.
9:07 AM me: haha
  I love you too. :)
9:08 AM It is very bizarre how much we are alike.
9:09 AM Sarah: It's a bit comforting to know the world is blessed with more people with our genetic awesomeness.

We like the same stuff. We say the same things. We ask the same questions. It unexplainable unless you look at the fact that we are connected by genes... But it's amazing that even though there are 15 years dividing our ages, we have virtually the same viewpoint on most subjects.  And, when we disagree, it's completely respectful. We don't even "fight it out" to be the one that is right. (Probably because we are BOTH right...all the time....just sayin'...)

She and Billy have gotten close too. I may be off base, but I think it's easy for him to talk to her because she IS so much like me - only with a younger perspective on things. She can advise him in the same way I would - only it's not got the "Mom factor" when she says the words. I love that he has her - and that I can completely trust that she has his best interest at heart too.

So basically, my point to this post is just that I am awed and amazed once again at how God works. Whether it's nature or nurture - He has made us into these incredible beings who connect on a molecular level. I'm just super lucky to get to experience it in such a tangible way in my relationship with my cousin! 

Love you, Sarah!!

I know you are curious to see more of our amazing conversations. So I'm leaving you with these "amazing" tidbits.... ENJOY!

*On the subject of people eating... (You may refer back to my blog entry HERE if you don't remember how big of a pet peeve chomping is for me.)

 Sarah: I HATE hearing people chew.
1:29 PM That is like one of my top pet peeves!
  I cannot stand to hear someone eating
 me: SAME HERE!!!!!
  Please tell my husband and son that you are with me on this. They think I'm crazy.
 Sarah: It straight gets me pissy. I become extremely irritable...palms sweaty ready to smack a person in their mouth
1:30 PM If I'm not eating too...I cannot sit next to someone eating.
  Cody knows...if he is munching on something to sit elsewhere.
 me: ME TOO!!!
  Yep. Kerry too!!!
  Apparently I offer up glares...

Sarah: have you seen the commercial with that stupid dog worried about his bone
3:41 PM and the song is Trouble...Trouble Trouble trouble...
 me: LOL! Maybe...
 Sarah: and he puts it in a safe deposit box etc..
  that is ray lamontagne singing
 me: Ok.
3:42 PM Sarah: kinda bluesy sounding
  folky, if you will
 me: Oh yeah...he is good.
  I'm listening..
 Sarah: you like the same stuff as you're gonna have to send me some names to check out
3:44 PM me: LOL Ok.
  Do you listen to Andrew Belle?
  I adore him.
 Sarah: Yes. I have some of his stuff and i think i have it because Billy told me to listen
3:45 PM me: And the Avett Brothers


Kerry said...

Remind me to take Cody out for a beer...or several when we see them again!

Unknown said...

Crunchy pizza. . . That's all I gotta say. Seriously, so glad that you can connect with someone like that.

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